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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  September 6, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. at 4:30, a love triangle turns tragic. new information on a deadly shooting that put a suburban neighborhood on lock don. >> and forget how about johnny student. what he's doing after the nfl career was delayed by off-the- field issues. >> and there is a forecast coming up. >> and we're off to a clear start. comfortable conditions across northeast ohio and let's get back to school and work today. we're going to soak up a -- up all of the sunshine again. and the big different is the talkers and temperatures
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cleveland and good morning ashland and richmond county, upper 60s to lower 70s. 63 degrees from geneva on the lakes to ashtabula and a little bit cooler air to eastern locations. five live radar is not picking up moisture due to high pressure continuing to really dominate. today, we're dealing with a transition in the winds and they're coming out of the south and that is going to allow for more sunsne returning. upperrity', lower 90s and a heat wave. here we come. >> sorry. >> yes, that is me and i am in for kristen burn this morning. east 131 in melzner closed because of a fire and heading south on too do akron in south broadway avenue and this near the miller road area and that is closed until earlier notice
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31-minute drive. everything is looking great. a quick odot look here and these are 12 looks, i-90 and it's early. things are looking good. breaking news from overnight. huge flames engulfing the home on the east side of cleveland. fees were able to get nit -- firefighters were able to get it under control. it was being ripeeivated and someone was getting close to moving in. that ho right now, we don't know what sparked the fire. and this fall marks the final stretch of construction on the inner belt bridge. crews will pour the last spits of concrete on the second bridge. sarah finney is live near the bridge this morning for us. a lot of people saying finally this morning, including odot. >> and that is right, terrence. this project has been going on for years. we all know it. right now, odot can't say when
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that really depends on the weather, as far as the rest of the construction. let's talk about what is going on overnight. crews will be working from 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. pouring the deck, which is the surface we're driving on. the seventh and final pour. this is important to remember, though. even when the bridge opens this fall, two of the five lanes will be used. odot needs six weeks to unwind the detours and that means opening up ramps and regaining access from e-76 north to the inner belt. also, 77. >> and there is a lot of work to still be done after we open the bridge. so, we do plan on having all lanes open in the later fall. >> reporter: and odot said once the pour is done overnight, they might have a better idea when exactly this bridge is going to be open. we'll be sure to pass that along to you. it's something we're waiting to hear. live in cleveland, sarah
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and time now, 4:34. and we're working to find out what happened on east 33rd and lorain. and we know that two people were shot and one man is in critical condition at metro and we're making calls to get information about the other person. when we get an update, we'll have it here and on our news 5 app. and a love triangle in ?? twinsburg. police say the 58-year-old shot and killed 57-year-old jerry robinson of north field and they were fighting over 41-year- old tracy wilson. walter met wilson at smoochy pooch's dog grooming in macedonia last year. his brother bill said it was wilson who caused the fight between robinson and his brother. >> and that, that is how the escalation started. phone calls, texting. her going back and forth. she would go with this guy and he would go out of up to, she would come over and be with my brother for three, four days. >> police have confiscated
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phone calls and text messages made to waltzer and robinson. some expensive repairs for drivers in canton. police want to know who is throwing large rocks at cars. it happened yesterday afternoon near clarendon avenue northwest. someone smashed a woman's windshield and police are still looking for teenagers who damaged several cars on route 30 at the harrison road overpass a few weeks ago. if you know anything, give police a call. and sentenced. he pleaded guilty to throwing eggs at the neighbor's house in euclid. more than 100 times in one year. the former neighbor said the family was constantly on alert and he had to make a lot of ?? repairs to the house. and the county sheriff is campaigning for re-election, even though he's facing felony charges. he marched in a labor day parade in fremont. two weeks ago, he was ordered to hand over the badge and gun
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prescription pain pills drop boxes. overmyer is on the ballot for re-election this november. many residents, though, are not quite ready to drop their support for him. 4:36 right now. the man known as johnny football is johnny student again. >> johnny manziel is back at texas a&m. the former browns quarterback enrolled in classes. he's listed as a recreation parts and tourism sciences major. he won the heisman trophy playing football there before and off-the-field insy sent cut the career short, including his ex-girlfriend. he'll be back in court later this month, hopefully turning a new leaf there. and give it up for the cleveland museum of art. can we get a slow clap? >> yes, you at home, too. they're one of the best countries, best museums in the country. you already knew that, right? they came in second behind the
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business insider magazine scored the top 25 museums based on information from four square. this is really quite an accomplishment, given the fact that they beat so many other museums in l.a. and d.c. all of that stuff. but, amazing. i love that museum and it's free. >> quite an honor for sure. and back in court. what bill cosby's lawyers are seeking that can majorly impact the sexual assault case against the comedienne. >> and the drastic measures two kids took grandma's house.
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i'm power of 5 meteorologist janessa webb. we're tracking a few more clouds this afternoon. still, a lot of sunshine that heat and humidity finally returning to northeast ohio. we are talking about a 90 degrees day, but humidity levels, we were going to step out of the 50s and the moisture in the air, lower 60s and oppressive air returning across the area and you can see hour- by-hour, a lot of sunshine is to start off the morning with clouds roll hours. nice temperatures by noon. 85 degrees. john? >> and noon:00. >> noon -- noon oclock. and no accidents to report as well and this is 12 looks from the odot cams and looking good. i-90 at state route 2 and that is also looking good as well. the good thing is no accidents to report. jackie. and labor day marks a final start to the stretch of
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hillary clinton and tim kaine talked at the crowd at luke easter park. clinton said her priority is to build an economy working for everybody. her message might have been lost in a coffee fit, forcing her to address rumors about her health after the speech. >> and i am not concerned about the conspiracy theories. there are many of them, i have lost track of theme, see i pay attention -- don't pay attention to them. >> and allergies right now and the acking hillary is trending on facebook and twitter. and the trump campaign made a surprise visit in our state. >> and no one knew he was going to stop here until his plane touched down. his running mate came along and they led a roundtable discussion with several leaders and after that meeting, trump
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and he stopped at the restaurant in brooke park and they shook hands, took photos with diapers before having lunch with union workers and we have 9 weeks left until the november elect. 4:42 is the time. and back to work. capitol hill is buzzing this morning. the main issues congress hopes to tackle in the coming weeks and why lawmakers have to act fast. >> and a tradition fit for weeks of summer or an early winter. the answer is next. you have competition here,
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. welcome back. it's 4:44 on your tuesday. bill cosby will be back in court. his attorneys will try to convince a judge to throw out evidence in his case. this is what his defense team wants tossed out. the position cosby gave in
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his accuser's mother. cosby is accused of drugging and molesting a former university employee in 2004. >> and congress heads back to work after a summer recess and it's facing tough issues. lawmakers have less than one month to figure out how to fund the federal government government and prevent a shutdown. and members will have oppressing problems, including funding for the zika virus and addressing gun control. it plans to pass a legislation on the issue as well. both chambers have three weeks to work before taking off for their monthlong election recess. and it was once hurricane hermine and it's still spinning, expected to hang around the new england coast this morning. look at the waves. hermine is kicking up along the shores of rhode island and there are warnings out for several areas like cape cod and
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was pelted by heavy winds. >> and this is across the beach and they're picking up. a no swimming band in affect. it's surprising the number of people out here and hermine is being blamed for a third death as well and he was trying to use a fallen tree when he was hit by a car. this is a story to make you chuckle this morning. groundhog day for people in maine. >> they're looking for good news from a lobster, calling him passee pete. he is pulled straight from the ocean to let you know if there is going to be six more weeks of summer. it was a tradition created two years ago to keep tourism 35ing there. we have good news for you, passee pete didn't disappoint and predicted that summer would stick around for awhile. so, janessa, do you agree with
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okay? >> oh, good. >> and it's trying to get rid of us meteorologists, okay? [ laughter ] >> and across northeast ohio for your tuesday afternoon, we are waking up to clear skies across the board and temperatures they are warming up. that is the big difference this afternoon. we'll return to the lower 90s. seventy degrees right now and greater cleveland. good morning, elyria. 64 and these temperatures definitely warmer this morning from th wooster to the canton area and lower 60s 60s, upper 60s for stark and summer county and opportunities have been comfortable and manageable the last thee days and thought your holiday weekend. and they will slowly start to rise today and that oppressive air makes a return to northern ohio into wednesday afternoon. and you start to notice
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we're tracking a few raindrops well to our west. you can't rule out the possibility of isolated activity making its way into eerie, huron county and possibly mansfield. and definitely losing the force as they track to the west. and the bigger picture here to our east right now and you can see a well-defined cold front and that starts to enter our area tomorrow and late afternoon and that is on the gh southernly flow and it's this bubble of hot air that is tracking in here. the talker the next 36 hours, folks, we're talking about triple digit heat possibilities mixings in with ambient temperature and heat index and definitely the warm air. the high pressure retreats here allowing for the next cold front to inter and provide us some rain.
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side for your tuesday afternoon and the take -- the talker, though, john, and we're losing the coats this afternoon. heat stays hydrated, a high of 89 by 5:00. >> and do you know i am a fan of the heat? and because of the fire on the east 31st and melzer area, crews are tending to issues because of the early morning fire. elsewhere, works taking place and that begins today and crews are expect t three days. you can expect closures in the link road area and in the woodmere year near cvs and another construction road, that is beginning also and will take place daily from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. so, taking place during others date hours as well. and a quick look this morning no issues to report or accident free and things are moving along not nicely and
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morning, though, drivers save $19 billion in gas this summer and that is because prices are the lowest we have seen in more than a decade. the national average of gas per gallon for a gallon of regular, excuse me, is 2 toss don 2 know and -- $2.21 and the average household will save 320 bucks at the pump this year compared to last. good news. >> and we save 19 billion that is a lot. general motors is settling two cases for switch problems. the airbags didn't go off in a crash. the amount of the settlement is not released. gm recalled more than 2 1/2 million cars in 2049 to place broken ignition switches. the problem is linked to at least 124 deaths. and two kids in washington are trending this morning. they willco whatever it take -- will do whatever it takes to see grandma. >> and we mean anything, okay,
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time later, they crashed it at a nearby intersection and thankfully, though, a neighbor was there to help. >> and i went -- under hands and a few moms sleeping. i want to go to my grandma's house. >> they're just 3 and 5 and no one was hurt. thank goodness. >> i know. such a crazy story. >> yeah. >> a five year old and three- year-old thinking th out the car. maybe they need bikes. >> and how did they know where to go. incredible. >> and 4:51 on your tuesday morning. i'm jackie fernandez. >> i'm terrence lee. the local police are rushing to help fellow officers sidelined by a driver. the message for all of this morning. >> and ohioans like to try their luck of winning big to the tune of billions a year and did those risks pay off?
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gambling in ohio. and let's see how wall street looks today, right? and that is what i am talking
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good morning, everybody. and we're waking up to cheer skies and a lot of sunshine this afternoon. -- clear skies and a lot of sunshine this afternoon. the noticeable difference, though, in the lower 90s and we're going to officially call it a hot one. the humidity levels are slowly creeping up and we're going to go with a few clouds and tracking raindrops to the west. partly cloudy for tonight.
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for overnight lows. >> and loving it. a traffic alert, 90 eastbound and beginning tonight. the last four beginning on the inner belt bridge project and has 90 eastbound closed from 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and asking to go 490 eastbound to 77 northbound and a closure in the akron area. and officials are saying to expect lane restrictions on south main street and south broadway in the miller road area and they are is south main street and south broadway from miller road and light look at the odot cameras and these are 12 looks and things are looking good and there are no issues to report. terrence. and look at the new dash cam video and this is a reminder, we have to pay attention on the road. and police officers are responding to a call and you can see all of the drivers who pulled over and lead them buy,
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in front of the cruiser. and there it is. and forced the officer to drive off of the road to avoid a crash. we can tell you that everyone was okay, though. and some shopping numbers. ohio casinos have the upper hand on gambleers. folks bit $63 billion that ohio's casinos, racinos and own the lottery the last four years and they only won $53 billion that means that money does go to our school, cities, and counties. >> and the house always wins, terrence. and ohio's medical marijuana law goes into affect on thursday. but of about, parma is considering a temporary ban on the law. if it passes, parma would join a growing list of cities temporarily stopping medical marijuana sales and they want time to establish their own rules for growing and
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patrick headstart center in cleveland kicks off the first full day of class gees. and the chief will be there for story time. he's going to be reading the book: give you take a mouse to school to those students. >> that is a good read. >> yes. >> and we this is what we're working on for you at 5. a fun day at the fair turns terrifying not once but twice this weekend. the accidents that sent a dozen kids to the hospital. >> and why the president of the philippines is backing down from his attack against
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. new at 5, a major milestone in the inner belt bridge construction project. one you might be able to drive on. coming up next. >> and a local community banding together to let the police department know that they are appreciated. >> and a cleveland museum is
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our art museum stacks up to the rest. and it's time for back to work and back to school for a lot of you. >> and good morning. we're off to a fantastic start and clear skies after a spectacular holiday weekend, and we're heading back to school and work this afternoon. and the sunshine is still in place, but the bigger talker is that our daytime highs are warming up to the upper 80s, lower 90s and we're off to a mild start this morning. 59 degrees for greater cleveland. good morning, menner, lower 70s. upper 60s for dover, new philly and tuscaroras county. and not picking up any moisture and to our west, we're seeing a few raindrops that are bringing isolated activity about to hit eerie, huron county, possibly route 30 corridor to the mansfield area and i will continue to track that on the power of 5. hour-by-hour,


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